Revolutionaries & Rebels – An American Saga

1-6-2015 9-25-43 AM

Be swept into this epic story about a real family and heir struggle for liberty and a better life.

For 16-year old Micajah McElroy, life in Wake County, N.C., revolves around managing his inherited plantation and winning the hand of prretty Sarah Campbell. But then as Tories begin burning, stealing and hanging Patriots around him, his Scotch-Irish blood rises. He joins the bloody conflict to fight for liberty, leaving his pregnant wife at home to birth their first child.

The Revolutionary War is just the beginning of a journey that takes Micajah and his family over the Appalachian Mountains and into to Tennessee, and then on into Alabama. Eventually Micajah’s grandchildren’s own struggle for liberty compels them, as Confederate soldiers, to fire upon the very flag Micajah fought to defend.

You can purchase this book online and have it shipped or you can purchase them at the Veterans Museum in Athens, Alabama.
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