Peroxide a magic potion

Elk River–Last Sunday night I went to bed with a tickle in my throat. I gargled with Mama”s magical potion-peroxide. Mama swore by it. Get a cut, rub it on. Need to become a blonde, rub it on. Bad breath, mouth canker sores and sore throat, rub it on. I woke Monday morning with a cold, the first I’ve had in two years. I was diagnosed with “something else” a couple of years ago which just about killed me. I thought it was flu, but my personal physician said, “No, it’s something else”. Pray you don’t ever catch it. Anyway, I dressed in my “beer drinking” stretch pants, stoked a fire, levered back in my Lazy Boy knock-off and read all day. I finished a bio on Gen. Jimmy Doolittle of WW11 fame, then started Between Black and White, a legal thriller. It was written by my friend and fellow Huntsville lawyer, Robert Bailey. Great read and set in Pulaski, Tn. Feeling much better this morning. A cup of Seattle Best, dark roast # 5 is almost as good as a swiggle of peroxide.
S-o-o long until tomorrow.

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Jerry Barksdale claims that his Mama birthed him to be a preacher. He was delivered on the kitchen table in tiny Estill Springs, Tennessee on a cold November 3rd morning in 1941. Total cost of prenatal care, doctor and nurse in attendance and postnatal care was $45.00. An exorbitant charge considering that he was an ugly baby. Unfortunately, he was born with a birth defect. He had half a soul. His Mama was greatly disappointed, but took it in stride. “Well,” she said, “if he can’t preach he can become a lawyer.” And that’s what he did for 43 years. Read More....

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  1. Jaybird Journal

    Love the reference to Ms. Florene’s magic potion! Got to get a copy of Between Black and White by Robert Bailey next. Have been reading Cornbread Chronicles a lot proofreading the audio files for its audiobook publishing debut. Next audiobook project is Rebels and Revolutionaries. Am working on the preliminary work to offer it for production. Great job, Jerry Barksdale with all your newly learned computer skills!


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