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Welcome to the debut of Jaybird Journal. Recently everything has been going my way-downhill. First, my credit card was cancelled on the day I departed for Taos, New Mexico on a ten day vacation. Someone in North Dakota had charged $6.30 on my card. I’ve never been to North Dakota. We encountered 100 mph winds and the wings began flapping like a goose in flight. I ordered a scotch. The hostess wouldn’t accept cash. Printed on the bill was “legal tender for all debt”. Buying a scotch creates debt! My vacation was going downhill. I returned home and got a root canal and cap. There went $2300. I was hacked, my new credit card number was stolen, along with my email and fb. Had to purchase a new Dell computer and all the add-ons. There went another $1000. And I don’t know how to start a paragraph! Will someone please tell me how?

About Jaybird Journal

Jerry Barksdale claims that his Mama birthed him to be a preacher. He was delivered on the kitchen table in tiny Estill Springs, Tennessee on a cold November 3rd morning in 1941. Total cost of prenatal care, doctor and nurse in attendance and postnatal care was $45.00. An exorbitant charge considering that he was an ugly baby. Unfortunately, he was born with a birth defect. He had half a soul. His Mama was greatly disappointed, but took it in stride. “Well,” she said, “if he can’t preach he can become a lawyer.” And that’s what he did for 43 years. Read More....

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