Fuhrer Document

1-8-2015 9-04-15 AM

Hardy Jackson is a small town lawyer in Barksdale’s first novel, “The Fuhrer Document, who fights with these questions and eventually fights for his own life when confronted by Neo-nazi operatives. Jackson’s problems begin when he stumbles upon an intriguing document among the effects of his dead father, a World War II veteran who was part of the invasion force that liberated Europe. What Jackson inadvertently uncovers is a Pandora’s Box. To open it is to reopen one of the darkest eras in human history.

An average Joe content to meld into the fabric of a small-town southern lie, Jackson is forced to overcome his own ambivalence about getting involved in someone else’s fight when he learns the document holds the key to financing the comeback of Nazi conspirators intent on establishing a Fourth Reich and ruling the world. The knowledge of what he possesses makes him a marked man and costs the lives of people around him.

The gripping conclusion in the heart of Hitler’s lair reaffirms the triumph of good over evil. The Fuhrer Document will make you believe in the will of even the reluctant warrior to battle any foe that threatens freedom.

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