Finding my power spot.

Dawn is cracking on Elk River and I’m sitting in my old stuffed brown chair preparing to write. It’s my power spot. My writing routine hasn’t changed since 1985 when I first began writing. First, I make coffee; Seattle Best #5, dark roast. It’s the best. My writing desk is a coffee table book of western photographs given me by my daughter, Shannon 23 years ago. It works just fine. I lay it across my lap, grab a sheet of blue-lined school paper and I’m ready. I always write in long hand. It works for me. When famous writer, Dorothy Parker was asked where she writes, she replied, “In my head”. I have my own power spot where I write. Have you ever noticed that dogs have a power spot? When I lived in Huntsville, I rose at 5am and sat on the west end of a faded blue couch–never the east end. I wrote several books and many columns on that old couch. I don’t have it anymore. My ex took it! Had she not done that, I could’ve been a better writer. I think she gave it to the Salvation Army. Sure wish I could find it. More about that later. The sole purpose of this blog is to promote my literary career. Coke advertises because it works. Maybe this will work for me. If you are reading this, it’s already working. Thanks. In the pantheon of literati, I’m comparable to a tadpole in a mudhole-small. Check out my list of books. This website is still a work in progress. Bio will be added. S-o-o long until tomorrow.

About Jaybird Journal

Jerry Barksdale claims that his Mama birthed him to be a preacher. He was delivered on the kitchen table in tiny Estill Springs, Tennessee on a cold November 3rd morning in 1941. Total cost of prenatal care, doctor and nurse in attendance and postnatal care was $45.00. An exorbitant charge considering that he was an ugly baby. Unfortunately, he was born with a birth defect. He had half a soul. His Mama was greatly disappointed, but took it in stride. “Well,” she said, “if he can’t preach he can become a lawyer.” And that’s what he did for 43 years. Read More....

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