Cornbread Chronicles

1-8-2015 9-03-56 AM

Now readers can relive those humorous moments by a writer who learned early that the key to preserving one’s sanity in this troubled world hinges on being able to laugh at oneself – or setting down to eat a big chunk of cornbread.

But life’s experiences have also taught him wisdom. For instance, he knows not to laugh at himself with a mouthful of cornbread or risk a messy choking death.

Barksdale has compiled a collection of his columns, “Cornbread Chronicles” which he will formally introduce November 1st with an all day book signing at Pablo’s on Market to coincide with the second annual Storytelling Festival.

Regular readers know that Barksdale’s themes center on growing up in Limestone County in the 1940s and 50s, his divorces and his experiences as a hapless traveler who suffers the woes of bedbugs, incendiary Mexican food, or “Baby Kelvie”, a 6-month-old too young for burritos but who nearly cleared an airliner at 30,000 feet because of some infant formula that went bad on him.

The back jacket reads, “Come on a road trip and share the adventures and misadventures of skillful storyteller Jerry Barksdale. “Cornbread Chronicles” is more than just extolling the virtues of that revered delicacy. Cornbread becomes the metaphor for a Southern way of life. It is the warm, welcoming arms of a loved one reminding the weary traveler that they need not leave the South to find everything that makes life worth living.”

Barksdale said that “Cornbread Chronicles” is really a love letter to this community.

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