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Jerry’s interview with “Booksandauthors.net”

Booksandauthors.net: Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

rebelsJerry Barksdale: I grew up on a farm in North Alabama chopping and picking cotton. Being the only child of an alcoholic father, I discovered reading as an escape from the drudgery of hard work and unhappiness. When I was age 15, my mom and I fled and moved to Milltown in Athens. While attending Athens High School I read Clarence Darrow for the Defense. Darrow a famous criminal defense lawyer represented John Scopes in the “Monkey Trial”. Later, I attended the trial of Joe Henry Johnson, a black man who was charged with the rape and murder of a local white woman. The lawyers struggled in the courtroom – one to take John Henry’s life, the other to save it. It was high drama and I was hooked. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a lawyer.

Booksandauthors.net: Why do you write?

Jerry Barksdale: Southerners are born storytellers. That’s how we communicate best. I grew up sitting around the fireplace or on the front porch during the summer, shelling peas, listening to my folks and neighbors tell stories. I have thousands of them thrashing around inside my head.

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When Duty Called

When duty called, men from Limestone County, Alabama responded. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor, that’s all they needed to know. Most of them farm boys and some of them sons of merchants, kissed pretty wives and sweethearts goodbye and boarded ships, turned green with the rolling seas and sailed for places with exotic-sounding names. Not a single one knew if he’d make the return trip….

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